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People are much more familiar with the phrase "CD duplication" (as opposed to "CD replication") because it just happens to be the same process you perform on your home computer. Duplication is also commonly referred to as 'burning' or 'copying' but it is definitely not the same as 'replication'.

To put it simply, the duplication software on your computer automatically copies your selected content onto a pre-manufactured CDR (the 'R' stands for 'recordable'). This is very simple and convenient to do and makes a lot of sense when you only require a small number of discs.

The Benefits of CD Duplication

Because you don't require any specialized equipment or training you can duplicate discs on your personal computer.

The lack of set-up costs, lack of set-up time, and low cost of blank CDR media means duplication is very cost-effective for small quantities of discs.

Modern computers and CDR media are better quality than they used to be, so the quality of duplicated discs is generally higher now than in years past.

The only downside to duplicating discs on your home computer is that it's not particularly speedy, so companies such as CDwest.ca use duplication towers that can burn a large number of discs at the same time.

At CDwest.ca we provide the most popular packaging alternatives for our duplicated disc products including eco-friendly CD Digipak, CD Sleeves and CD Jackets.

Is CD Duplication Inferior?

CD replication is the professional standard for CD production but there are minimum order requirements involved with replication that might not suit your needs (at CDwet.ca our minimum order requirements for CD replication is only 300 units).

When you require a smaller number of discs or you need discs faster than replication will allow, CD duplication is the obvious choice. The quality of our duplicated discs is very good because we don't use cheap economy-grade media and we 'burn' the content onto the discs using state-of-the-art multi-disc duplication towers at slow speed to ensure the best quality disc image possible.

Disc Printing on CDR Media

Our standard disc printing solution for CDR media is using commercial grade high-resolution CMYK inkjet printers. We stock special CDR discs that have an inkjet suitable finish on them which allows the ink to adhere to the disc. We stock these discs with a natural/silver finish as well as a white finish, depending on the needs of the client.

Because we are also a CD replication plant, we can offer an upgrade to Silkscreen Printing or CMYK Offset Printing to provide you with the most professional print possible, but please note that an extra charge will likely be required for the upgrade.

Are You Creating Your Own Audio CD Master?

If you are creating your own audio or music master for CD duplication (or replication) we have created a list of important things you should know.

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