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CD Replication Explained 


When it comes to creating multiple copies of files in a compact disc, there are basically two choices that you have: CD replication or CD duplication. Both processes are quite similar since they both have the same result, the creation of multiple copies of a file or a CD

The only difference is in the process of creating the copies. Duplication creates copies by simply burning the files onto another CD. This process is faster and can create more copies in just a short period of time. But when it comes to getting the best quality, CD replication is always the best option. The latter may cost more and creating copies may take much longer compared to duplication but there are a lot of reasons why more people opt to have their records and files copied using this method.

The Same High Quality File for Every CD Created

When it comes to replication, CDs are not burned onto another CD. The process is longer and more meticulous. When it comes to CD replication, a new CD is molded similarly like the original copy. Replication is copying in a sense that it creates an identical compact disc with just the same quality. The process is longer since it is like creating an entirely new CD and is the better option for musicians who want to mass produce their CDs.

Once a CD is replicated, the quality does not disintegrate and you get another entirely new CD with just the same content and high quality material.

CD replication is worth every cent you spend

CD replication is considered more expensive compared to CD duplication because of the longer process needed to create multiple copies. And if you create hundreds of copies using replication, it will definitely cost much and take longer compared to just having them duplicated.

But even if it costs much, this process is considered as a wise investment since you get only the best. For musicians wishing to create copies of their CD, each CD copied and created will have only the best audio quality made with the best quality compact disc.

As CDwest.ca, we provide rates depending on how many copies you will need. Replication projects should always be requested in bulk. If you plan to just have 1-3 copies of a CD, better have it duplicated since it is definitely cheaper that way. Replication is cheaper if done in bulk; the more copies you request the cheaper the package becomes.

CDs Always Last Longer

When it comes to CD replication, each copy will be the same quality as the master copy in fact you can’t really distinguish which one is just a copy of the other. Since CD duplication files are just copied onto the new disc using a disc burner, there will be times that the files are not copied into the CD properly. And when this happens the new duplicate goes straight into the trash.

The latter may be cheaper but sometimes since the process was done so quickly there are so many incidents of mistakes and burning errors on the finished products. Some songs may not have been recorded or the entire CD disintegrates all together because of over using. CDs that have undergone replication process are guaranteed to be of the highest quality with each copy considered as being “original” since the quality is at par with the master copy.

CD replication is the best option for musicians who want to create more copies of their CD. It will definitely cost more to have their CD replicated than duplicated, but this is a better investment since fans will definitely have a better listening experience with CDs that have been replicated.

If duplicates can be received in a matter of hours, finished products of replicates can last for 2 – 3 days. It definitely takes longer but this is because each CD is meticulously created in order to be exactly the same as the master copy.

CDwest.ca provides the best quality results paired with the affordable rates so that clients can end up with the best deals that ensures the best finished products without having to spend too much. Call CDwest.ca now and request on a quote on CD replication.

The Benefits of CD Replication

Very cost-effective for medium and large quantities of discs - at
    CDwest.ca our minimum order for CD replication is just 300 units.
No compatibility or playback issues.
More durable than CDR.
Higher perceived value than CDR.
More packaging options for medium and large quantities of discs.

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