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Environmentally Friendly CD Packaging

We all know that everyone is making an extra effort to save the environment. A majority of the products that we use today increase the chances of environment degradation and by creating products and packaging that help lessen carbon footprint we are indeed doing our share to help reduce negative impacts of certain products to the environment.

CDwest.ca believes that aside from providing the highest quality products, concern for the environment is also something that should be put into consideration when creating products and packaging. When it comes to CD packaging we make sure that the packaging used is environmentally friendly so we not only provide the best for our clients, but we provide the best for the environment as well.

Standard board stock:

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified board stock.
100% recycled content.
100% recyclable.
Printed using waterless printing technology.
Printed using vegetable based inks.

Standard paper stock:

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper stock.
100% recycled content.
100% recyclable.
Printed using waterless printing technology.
Printed using vegetable based inks.

Edge over Competitors

In a society where a majority of our clients are environmentally conscious we think that going green can put us a step ahead of our other competitors. The usual packaging materials are made of plastic and even glass which can be harmful to the environment. Although these items are actually easier to design, create, and mold into whatever packaging we want the after effects is what makes them harmful. Some item packages are simply thrown outside and end up in rivers and streams and even places where animals can accidentally consume them.

By using biodegradable materials in our packaging such as paper products, we make sure that we make our clients happy and we also help make the environment pollution free.

We believe in sustainable packaging

When it comes to CD packaging and other CDwest items we ensure that we use sustainable packaging to make sure that we don’t hurt the environment in our goal to provide satisfaction to our customers. Sustainable packaging has three main elements which are namely reusing, reducing and recycling.

Most companies create larger packaging for their items. This makes the item bigger and can look more attractive. But by doing this contributes to wastage and a lot of money is put to waste by creating product packaging which is larger than the item itself. By reducing the size of the package, we avoid wastage and help reduce the waste thrown which can contribute to the degradation of the environment.

Another problem of not choosing environment friendly packaging is the fact that most materials can only be used once. When this happens the packaging goes straight to the landfill if they are not going to be used again. By using green materials, they can be reused again and again which helps lessens the trash that we throw out. Products such as paper are extremely helpful if used in CD packaging because paper can be reused up to seven times

Creating more and more products increases the strain on the planet’s resources. By recycling materials we can save our resources and reduce wastage. By reducing, reusing, and recycling we help reduce the world’s landfill help conserve what remains of the world’s natural resources.

Cost Effective

Most companies are used to using only one type of material for most of their packages. For example, if a company has been using plastic for their CD packaging since the beginning, it would definitely be more expensive to research for newer ways and more sustainable materials for an environment friendly package. But in the long run, the benefits will always be there. It may cost more in the beginning, but on the long run your can save more by using recycled materials to create your packaging..

By reducing the size of your packaging you can also save more money. Most products have large packaging because it seems to attract more clients and creates an illusion of a bigger item inside.

CDwest.ca gives high regard to the environment and looks for better and more modern ways of creating CD packaging and item containers that are environment friendly. Saving mother earth is each and everyone’s responsibility and as a company that provides the best quality products and affordable items for everyone we make sure that we not only provide satisfaction for all our valued clients, but we make sure to also do our part to contribute to saving what we have left of Mother Earth.

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