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At CDwest.ca we're proud to be offering an ever-expanding selection of products that promote low-plastic, no-plastic, recycled and even bio-degradable content. To put it more simply... "greener choices".

CDwest.ca offers an ever-increasing number of no-plastic and low-plastic packaging alternatives for CD and DVD.

CD Eco Sleeves

Say good-bye to traditional plastic cases and say hello to our eco-friendly CD Sleeves. The increasing popularity of these no-plastic CD packaging alternatives has turned them into a surprisingly cost-effective solution.

CD Digipak

This is the alternative packaging solution that first captured the imagination of consumers. A low-plastic package that has all the form and function of traditional CD Jewel Cases and DVD library cases but with only a fraction of the plastic.

We Use FSC Certified Products

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.

FSC is a stakeholder owned system for promoting responsible management of the world’s forests and sets international standards for responsible forest management.

The FSC accredits independent third party organizations who can certify forest managers and forest product producers to FSC standards. In the past 13 years over 90 million hectares in more than 70 countries have been certified according to FSC standards while several thousand products are produced using FSC-certified wood and carrying the FSC trademark. FSC operates through its network of National Initiatives in 45 countries.

The Board-Stock and Paper We Use

The standard board-stock CDwest.ca uses for our CD Sleeves, CD Jackets and CD Digipak is:

15pt. SBS
FSC certified
100% recycled
40% post-consumer waste content

The standard paper-stock CDwest.ca uses for our printed paper inserts, folders, booklets and posters is:

100# gloss text
FSC certified
100% recycled
30% post-consumer waste content

We Use Vegetable-Based Inks

CDwest.ca Offset Web Printing uses vegetable-based inks which are less harmful to the environment than petroleum-based alternatives. Soy and vegetable products are used in ink for their oils, which act as the vehicle for the ink pigments.

Most manufacturers of soy and vegetable based inks today actually "blend" ingredients, much in the way a winemaker will blend grapes, in order to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each oil. Soy and vegetable based inks are widely recognized as the environmentally friendly choice.

Low Minimum Orders

Many clients are surprised that we have so many products with a minimum order requirement of just 300 units - while the industry standard is still 500 to 1000. The reason for this is three-fold:

1. As a client of CDwest.ca you're dealing factory-direct, so we have absolute control over our production capabilities and capacities. This allows us to configure them in any way that makes good sense.

2. Many customers want the quality of replicated discs but simply have no need for 500 or 1000 discs. If our clients express a need for smaller runs, and we have the ability to fill that need, it's in our best interests to do so.

3. Environmentally speaking, it's in everyone's best interests if we produce less. What is the result of manufacturing 500 or 1000 units of a product when the client only has a need for 300? The answer: Waste. Not only is it an unnecessary waste of materials and resources to make unwanted goods, but those unwanted goods will eventually end up in the garbage and then into a land-fill.

Recycling Excess Production Materials

If you're familiar with custom manufacturing you'll know that more product needs to be manufactured than is actually ordered by the client - this is to make up for the quantity of items that may get rejected in quality control processes.

At CDwest.ca we generally make no more than +5% overage, but this varies depending on the total quantity of the order. Despite having to make excess product, CDwest.ca recycles all excess plastic (disc) and paper/board (print) materials that do not get delivered to the client... it does NOT go into the garbage.

Recycling Program For Your Unwanted Discs and Cases

In conjunction with our parent company Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp., CDwest.ca has launched a new program to keep your unwanted CD discs and cases out of your local landfill.

With the knowledge that these items are not accepted by most community curbside recycling services, CDwest.ca will recycle these materials for you as a part of our existing in-house recycling program. Learn more about our CD recycling program.

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