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Important Things You Should Know  VERY VERY IMPORTANT

After ten years of being in business and producing literally thousands of orders for our clients, we know that orders that begin well typically finish well. In other words, if you read the information and follow the guidelines supplied here on the website, you will greatly reduce the chance of having an error or a delay that will affect your order.

Begin With A Quote

All orders must start as a quotation, because a quotation details the product and pricing in a way that virtually eliminates any chance for confusion and misunderstanding later on in the process. All in all it just makes everything a lot easier!

5% Overs or Unders

Due to the inherent nature of manufacturing custom-made products it is considered fair business practice to supply slightly more or slightly less (not to exceed 5% over or under, depending on the quantity ordered) than the quantity of product ordered. The Customer is only required to pay for the units they receive, the final invoice will reflect the exact quantity supplied, and the Customer agrees to pay for the same.


Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, all quotations and quoted prices are F.O.B. our site in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. This means that shipping is not included in the quoted price.

Taxes is located in the province of British Columbia (B.C.) in Canada. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, applicable tax is extra and not included on quotations or quoted prices:

As of April 1, 2013 orders invoiced/shipped within
    British Columbia: 12% (7% PST and 5% GST).

As of July 1, 2010 orders invoiced/shipped to Nova Scotia, New
    Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador: 13% HST
Orders invoiced/shipped to non-HST provinces and territories
    within Canada: 5% GST
Goods invoiced/shipped into the United States: Canadian tax is
    not applicable to your order.

Use Our Order Forms

If you are not providing your own detailed company purchase order (which must include your signature) you must submit the appropriate order form for the product you want.

Make sure you already have your Quote Number before you start the Order Form (if you don't have a Quote Number please contact us and we'll provide you with one).

Order Cut-Off Time

When all required production materials are received prior to 12:00 (noon) Pacific Time on any regular business day the order details and payment will be processed that day. Orders received after the 12:00 noon cut-off time will be processed on the next business day.

Required Production Materials

1. Order Forms.
2. Master disc and back-up copy.
3. Intellectual Property Release Form (and accompanying proof of
    licensing if applicable).
4. Artwork files.
5. Payment.

As stated in our Terms Of Business, "The Customer acknowledges that their order cannot be released until all required production materials are supplied to Precision Disc in proper working order as per the requirements and specifications as published by Precision Disc on Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges that any delay in providing production materials as per Precision Disc's requirements and specifications will in turn delay the start date for the order and all ready-by dates agreed upon, whether written or oral, may be delayed."

How Long Does An Order Take?

1. Order Entry: Your order form details will be entered into our system by our Order Entry personnel and you will receive an e-mailed acknowledgement of this fact. This e-mail may include questions we need to have clarified and could also give you notice of any missing items or problems that prevent us from proceeding with your order.

2. Payment Processing: Your order then goes to our Billing Department to have your payment details confirmed and/or processed. You will receive an e-mailed acknowledgement of this fact and be provided with an Order Confirmation that summarizes your order details and confirms the costs. This is a summary and not an invoice. If there is anything that doesn't look right to you please contact us right away.

3. Pre-Press and/or Master Creation: After your payment details have been confirmed and/or processed, our Pre-Press and/or Master Creation Departments are notified that supplied assets should be reviewed. If your assets are supplied to our specifications, electronic proofs are typically e-mailed to you within two business days. If there is a problem with your assets that prevent us from generating your proofs you will receive an e-mail from us with an explanation and a request for your assistance. After your proofs have been approved we are ready to begin the actual production of your order. "Standard" production turn-times for products up to 10,000 units are as follows:

Bulk discs: *5-7 business days after all approvals.
Discs in standard sleeves: *7 business days after all approvals.
Discs in jewel cases with paper inserts: *10 business days after all
Discs in printed sleeves: *10 business days after all approvals.
Discs in digipak: *10 business days after all approvals.

Important: Turn-times are based on regular business days and the production time-line will begin after we receive your written proof approvals (a clearly worded approval via e-mail is acceptable).

Proof approval cut-off time is 12:00 (noon) Pacific Time on any regular business day. Proof approvals received after the 12:00 (noon) Pacific Time cut-off deadline are deemed to have been received by the next regular business day.

As stated in our Terms Of Business, the "standard" turn-times are estimates and are not to be considered as a guarantee.

Click on the image shown below to view it full size.

Click on the image to view full size

Is Your Order A Rush Or Deadline?

If you have a "Rush" or "Deadline" date for your order we need to know about it before you place your order so we can review our production schedule to see if we can fit it in.

For us to determine if we can accommodate your request we need two vital pieces of information from you:

1. What date will all production materials be in our hands (before 12:00
    noon Pacific Time)?
2. What date do you need to have the order in your hands?

If it is determined that we can accommodate a rush/deadline request it is now the sole responsibility of the client to supply all required production materials in proper working order as per the specified date and time, and that proof approvals will be made on-time as instructed by our Pre-Press Department. Failure to do so will jeopardize your ready-by date.

Important: On most "Rush" orders it is imperative that the order has no delays or "holds" of any kind, otherwise the ready-by-date will be jeopardized.

What Is A "Hold"?

If we come upon a problem that prevents us from processing or manufacturing your order we place a "hold" on the order and notify you immediately. Due to the very custom nature of CD manufacturing and the number of different processes involved, a "hold" can be placed on an order for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few examples of common "hold" issues:

1. Missing production materials.
2. Order Forms don't match the quote.
3. IPR Form is not supplied or is incomplete.
4. Artwork is not supplied to our specifications/requirements.
5. Client's master is corrupt.
6. Client has not responded to a request for information/clarification.

Important: Be aware that a "hold" may delay the estimated ready-by date for your order... even if your order is on a "Rush" or "Deadline".

Are Turn-Times Guaranteed?

As stated in our Terms Of Business, "Every effort will be made to fill orders within the timeline quoted at the outset of the project, however, ready-by-dates (whether written, oral, or implied) are not guaranteed and are not contractual. The Customer acknowledges that due to the inherent nature of manufacturing custom-made products, unforeseen delays can occur and Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. (and assumes no responsibility for any damages or consequences growing out of or owing to any delays." strongly recommends that product related releases, events, travel plans or performances are not booked/scheduled until the product is in the Customer's possession and meets with their approval.

Supplying Your Master Disc

For CD orders please supply TWO copies of your Master on CDRs. All client-supplied Master copies are considered to be received in final form which means you have reviewed them thoroughly and confirm they are formatted properly and ready to manufacture exactly as supplied. Remember, the discs we produce will be exact clones of the Master copies you supply to us so make sure you review your Master and copies in their entirety.

Important: Never send us your originals... just send us copies. Ensure you keep your original production materials for safety and back-up purposes. Also, do not supply other files (such as artwork) on the same CDR as your music (unless you actually want your CDs manufactured that way).

Standard format for CD Audio:

File Format: WAV or AIF
Bits per sample, per channel: 16
Sample rate: 44.1Khz
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Maximum audio duration is 74 minutes.
When you make your Master ensure it is formatted as an
    audio/music disc, and not as a CDROM (which is data).

If you're making your own Master test it on all sorts of different play-back units, both old and new, just to make sure your files are formatted properly for the widest possible compatibility. This includes audio playback, CD Text, multimedia, and anything else that is present on the Master.

Return Of Your Production Materials

It is not standard policy to return your supplied production materials with your order. If you require the return of these materials you must indicate it at the time of order on your Order Forms. In the event that you request the return of your supplied production materials after your order has left our facility, we will make them available for you to pick up at your expense.

As standard policy we will archive client-supplied production assets for a period of 12 months after the order has been completed, however, we cannot guarantee the safe-keeping of these materials and waive any responsibility for their damage or loss. At the end of the 12 month archiving period may dispose of any unclaimed/remaining production assets or materials.

Remember: Never send us your original copies of your production materials - only send us copies of the originals so you always have your own back-ups.

Note: It is not standard policy to release replication stampers or printing films. Should the Customer request that these production related assets be released, reserves the right to refuse the return of the assets for additional production work due to the potential of the assets having been damaged while out of our care.

Supplying Your Artwork Files

Important: Artwork issues are the #1 reason for order delays and the potential for extra charges so please ensure your artwork files are supplied on design templates and they conform to our specifications and requirements.

Client-supplied artwork is considered to be received in final form and ready to manufacture as supplied, as per our specifications and requirements.

Artwork files that are not supplied to our specifications and requirements will cause the order to be placed on "hold" until the files are made press-ready. This could cause a delay in the start of your and may also jeopardize any "rush" or "deadline" dates if applicable. Extra charges can be incurred if is asked to perform modifications to files in order to make them press-ready, but any charges would have to be approved by you in writing before any work takes place.

VIP Program 'Free Posters' Artwork

If you wish to redeem our VIP Program 'Free Posters' offer, your artwork files must be supplied at the time of order. Please note that we will not accept the Free Posters artwork after your other project proofs have been approved.

Adding A Barcode

A barcode may not be the most exciting 'extra' we can offer, but it might just be one of the most useful! If you want to have your CD sold in a retail setting there's a very good chance the store will require you to have a barcode for their inventory and check-out systems.

Typical barcode size: 1.5" wide x 0.5" tall

If provides you with a barcode the ownership of the code is not transferred to you because the 'prefix' of the barcode is a number that is registered to our company. To register your own barcode will cost several hundred dollars, so our free barcode works very well for many indie artists.

Keep in mind that there may be some situations where you will need to own your own barcode - for example, some major retailers may require you to provide proof of barcode ownership. In a situation like that you would need to have your own barcode.

Need more info? In Canada you can contact for more information and to purchase your own barcode.

Proofing Options provides three standard proofing options for your order:

Option "A" - Electronic (.PDF) Proofs:

◦ This is the 'default' proof option if no proof option has been selected.
◦ This proofing option is included in your quotation (no extra charge).
◦ Consists of one round of .PDF proofs sent via e-mail.
◦ $25 charge per additional round of .PDF proofs proofs.
◦ For confirmation of the physical layout only. Not for colour reference.
◦ Written approval of proofs is required.
◦ Provides warranty for physical layout only. There is no color warranty
  with PDF proofs.

Option "B" - Hard-Copy Printed Proofs:

◦ This proofing option must be specifically selected.
◦ There is a charge for hard-copy proofs - please contact your customer
  service representative for pricing.
◦ Hard-copy proofs for disc and print/packaging designs are colour
  calibrated digital print-outs (they are not Production Proofs ) for review
  of design layout and colouration.
◦ Electronic (.PDF) proofs must be approved in writing prior to
  generation of hard-copy proofs.
◦ For confirmation of physical layout and colour only.
◦ Up to 5% to 10% colour variation between hard-copy and finished
  product may be unavoidable due to tolerances inherent with offset
  printing processes, and this is considered to be industry standard and

Option "C" - Files Are Pre-Approved, No Proofs Required:

◦ This proofing option must be specifically selected.
◦ The Customer supplies pre-approved artwork files therefore by-
  passing pre-flight and proofs.
◦ No proofs supplied. No layout warranty. No colour warranty.

Hard-Copy Proofs versus Production Proofs

Hard-Copy Proofs: As stated in our proofing options noted above, "hard-copy proofs for disc and print/packaging designs are colour-calibrated digital print-outs for review of design layout and colouration." There is a fee involved for Hard-Copy Proofs, and electronic proofs must be approved in writing prior to proceeding to the hard-copy phase.

Production Proofs: If you require a physical mock-up up of (a) your print/packaging design, or (b) a disc including print and/or content, you must request a "Production Proof". There is a fee involved for Production Proofs, and electronic design proofs must be approved in writing prior to proceeding to the "Production Proof" phase.

Viewing Your Proofs

Important: Electronic/.PDF proofs are to be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader with "overprint preview" turned on.

The purpose for the proofs is to give you one last chance to review your designs for layout accuracy before they go to press, so any problems that don't get corrected in the proofing stage will show up in your final product.

Electronic (.PDF) proofs are never to be used to evaluate color accuracy whether viewed on a computer monitor or if you print them. If colour is a concern please order Hard-Copy Proofs.

Proof Approvals

It is the sole responsibility of the client to review all details of the supplied proof(s) which includes (but is not limited to) layout/design, page sequencing, dimensions, spelling, and punctuation.

By providing an approval in writing the client indemnifies and holds free from responsibility and liability for any errors or omissions in the proofs that are not found and corrected by the client. Furthermore, the client acknowledges that the reworking and/or reprinting of materials due to client error is at the sole expense of the client. Such costs will be formally quoted in writing and must be approved by the client in writing before any additional work can take place.

In order to proceed with production the client must submit written approval of the proofs via fax or e-mail. A specific and clearly worded approval is required. Verbal approval cannot be accepted.

Making Changes To Your Artwork

Client-supplied artwork/design files are considered to be received in final form. This means they are ready to manufacture as supplied with no need for modification. Revisions, modifications or the re-supply of files *may* cause the following:

1. A delay in the start of your order.
2. A delay in completing your order even if there is a "rush" or
   "deadline" date for your order.
3. Extra charges.

Important: One round of pre-press (reviewing your supplied files) and electronic (.PDF) proofs are included in your quoted price. To request changes or to re-supply design/artwork files after receiving your proofs means that a new round of pre-flight and electronic proofs must take place. Due to the work involved a $35 fee will be charged for *each* new round of pre-flight and electronic proofs (except in instances where the required change is due to our error in generating the proof).

Colour Matching

Electronic (.PDF) proofs are never to be used to evaluate color accuracy because computer monitors dont represent color values accurately. does not provide color warranty for electronic proofs.

If color correctness is a concern you must request hard-copy printed proofs for final approval, however, due to variations inherent with printing processes, a colour variation of up to 5% to10% between the printed hard-copy proofs and the final printed product may be unavoidable, and this is considered to be within industry standards and acceptable.

For Spot Color Screenprinting: Clients must specify Pantone Solid Coated (C) color values. Colors will be mixed according to the PMS color value formula and cross-referenced to the PMS Solid Coated reference guide.

Client Supplied Colour Samples

Client-supplied samples can not be used for colour reference on gang-run CMYK printed materials such as paper inserts, custom printed disc sleeves, custom printed disc jackets, Digipak and EcoCase. This is because these products are gang-run printed on a press-sheet with other orders. To try and influence the print colouration for one order will affect all other jobs on the press-sheet. For colour warranty you must request Hard-Copy Printed Proofs.

For CMYK Offset Disc Printing: A client-supplied sample print (on disc or on paper) can be accepted for color reference, but an exact CMYK color match can not be guaranteed.

For Spot Color Disc Printing: A client-supplied sample print (on disc or on paper) can be accepted for Spot Color disc printing but an exact match can not be guaranteed. We will select the closest standard Pantone Solid Coated (C) color available.

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